Our Core Strengths:

Pentad Core Strenghts

About Us

Our History…

Pentad Design was founded in 2003 by a team of enterprising and innovative engineers with more than 25 years in medical, consumer, commercial and industrial embedded systems design. We have applied our wide-ranging experience in embedded systems design to create and implement cutting edge technology for our customers. Pentad Design has implemented an impressive body of work. Our numerous patents and steady stream of repeat clients and referrals testifies to the quality of our engineering skills. Many of our clients have been acquired by larger corporations due in part to their successes from the work we have performed for them. We have expanded our expertise to include a variety of engineering disciplines and we continue to push the envelope of technology to our client’s strategic advantage. We have provided design services and developed multiple products for small startup clients as well as for Fortune 500 companies.

Our tight teamwork enables us to meet your aggressive design schedules, prototype design development, design changes, and critical market launch deadlines.

Our Approach…

Your project is unique and it will present its own set of challenges to our design team.  We will assign your project to our team members based on our best fit for you coupled with the needs of your specific project or product.

What’s next…

We want to be your key partner for all of your engineering design requirements and we will provide you with state-of-the-art product designs and services that will result in superior value, cost effective and reliable products.


Please contact us via email at info@pentaddesign.com or call our project management team at (714) 259-0125.