Wireless Communication Design Service

Wireless: BLE Android

Case Study: Wireless: BLE Android

Wireless Communication Design Service

Pentad Design has a proven track record for integrating wireless into our customer’s design. We understand the challenges with bringing a wireless product to the marketplace in different geographical regions and we can provide you with the knowledge and expertise to overcome that challenge. Requirements from the FCC, NOM, IC, CE, as well as frequency band considerations are areas we explore in detail before incorporating RF/RFID into your wireless device.

Here are some of the wireless technologies that we can incorporate into your next design:

• Custom Wireless

• WiFi

• Zigbee


• Bluetooth Classic

• Bluetooth Smart/ Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

• ANT+

• SimpliciTI

For more information regarding our wireless design services, please click info@pentaddesign.com or call 714-259-0125