Embedded Electronics

Tilt Meter

Case Study: Tilt Meter

Embedded Electronics

Pentad Design excels at Embedded Systems solutions. Our innovative engineering team can transform your imagination into reality. We can work with your existing design and create an engineering package including the hardware or firmware or mechanical elements of your system design or we can create the full product – from inception to finished prototype.

We have many years of embedded system experience and successful innovation within the constraints imposed by highly regulated industries such as medical or aerospace.

With our success utilizing multiple hardware and software tools, we are able to address a wide variety of embedded requirements. Working closely with your program team, we will ensure the design matches your specific requirements.

Embedded Systems

• System Architecture

• Hardware/Software Partitioning

• Special Safety Systems for Safety Critical Devices

• Microcontroller / DSP / Programmable Logic

• Ultra Low Power Portable Products

• RF Wireless – Zigbee, SimpliciTI, ANT, RFID

• Digital Motion Systems

• Battery Powered Products

• Power Management

• Digital Power

• Wide Range of MCU/CPU/DSP Experience

• 8 / 16 / 32 Bit Processors

• TI MSP430 / DSP / OMAP-L



• Language Support (C, C++, Assembly)

• Legacy Language Support

• RTOS Custom, “Off-the-Shelf”

• Peripheral Drivers

Types of Products:

• Industrial

• Scientific

• Medical

• Consumer Electronics

• Commercial / Professional

• Aerospace

Medical Device Embedded

• Class I, II, III

• Ventilators

• Oxygen Delivery

• Implantable

• Drug Delivery

• Respiratory Monitoring

• In-Vitro Diagnostics

• Dental

• Smoke Evacuators

• Disposable and Reusable Electronics

• Blood Analyzers

• Infusion Pumps

• Stimulators

• Fluid Handling Systems

• Manufacturing Test Tools

• IP Innovations

• Patent Workarounds