PCB Design Services

TENS Therapy Device

Case Study: TENS Therapy Device

PCB Design Services

Pentad Design provides printed circuit board engineering for all types of industries– medical, aerospace, communications, industrial and commercial. Our engineers have many years of experience in high speed, high density, digital and analog circuit design.

We can provide you with the PCB design or prototype or a complete turnkey service package including component procurement, kitting and manufacturing. We regularly work with both domestic and international PCB manufacturers.

Our PCB designers and engineers understand the importance of the circuit operation, signal and power integrity. We will also ensure that your PCB meets the appropriate safety and regulatory requirements. We work closely with our PCB manufacturers who meet our fabrication, quality and reliability requirements and can provide us with quick turn prototypes or high volume orders.

PCB Design Capabilities:

• Rigidflex

• Hi speed/multilayer boards

• Surface mount, through hole or mixed technologies

• DFM–Design for manufacturability (Domestic & Overseas)

• DFT–Design for testability

• Thermal Management

• Shock and Vibration

• Ultra low leakage/High Impedance

• Harsh Environment

• Conformal Coating

• High frequency RF/Microwave

• Low level analog

• Power Circuits



• Engineering Support

• Parts Procurement

• Quick Turn Prototypes

• 3D integration with MCAD

PCB Fabrication & Assembly-Turnkey

• PCB Fab & Assembly/Turnkey

• Engineering Support

• Offshore Support

• Parts Procurement

• Conformal Coating

• Quick Turn Prototypes

• One Day PCB Fab Turn Available

Design Tools:

• Altium Designer

• Mentor Pads

• Mentor Expedition

• Cadence Allegro

If you don’t see your service need listed, please contact us at info@pentaddesign.com or call our project management team at (714) 259-0125.