How to Start

With hands on experience at leading programs ranging from focused single tasks through to major full scope programs (concept to production release), Pentad Design has the knowledge and practice to guide your project through many types of development programs. Schedules can be created and executed that include regulatory and agency compliance for a variety of industries up to and including Class III Medical Implantable Device development project plans. Pentad Design can provide Program Management as an available resource that is added as required by the type of program and client needs. And to help control costs, all Pentad Design programs are led by senior level engineers that are able to manage the technical development and the engineering interface. Pentad Design works with many different types of companies, each with their own business structures. This experience enables us to easily and seamlessly work with you, no matter how your company is organized.

Beginning a Project…

To begin a Project, initial communication will take place between you and a Pentad Design program manager to review your technical requirements, and to confirm that our expertise matches your needs. After confirmation and a Mutual NDA, our technical team will review all applicable project data from you such as a Statement of Work (SOW), block diagrams, requirement documents, technical challenges, and strategic goals. If you have an existing design, our Engineers will review any technical documentation such as schematics / BOMs / block diagrams / software etc. and will formulate a project plan to meet your goals. If you have a new product design, we will have a detailed discussion with your team and ours. Management, marketing and technical goals will be discussed. From this, a project plan, schedule and proposal will be created outlining the tasks, resources, timing and budget required. After mutual agreement on the contract, our team will commence with the defined development process. A simplified diagram of this process is shown below.

Flow Diagram

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