Beverage Dispenser

Case Study: Beverage Dispenser



Pentad Design has significant experience in the consumer market. We keenly understand that in order to survive in a competitive market place a product has to be developed quickly and released into the appropriate time window.

Pentad can create Rapid Prototypes, Proof of Concept Designs or perform Breadboard Development in order to give you quick customer feedback. In addition, our proprietary emulation technology makes it easy to model the user interface of the product before completion of the final hardware design. This technique will give your customers the chance to try out the user interface and request modifications before the hardware and mechanics are finalized.


Pentad has developed a variety of consumer products including:

• Wearable Technology

• Food Delivery Systems

• Cell Phone and Camera Peripherals

• Wireless Consumer Products

• Water Conservation Products

• Consumer Medical Devices

• Low Power Battery Operated Devices

• Disposable Electronics


Pentad Design can help you design your next product from concept to finished product or we can help with any of the steps needed to get you to the finished stage.

Please contact us at the following number: (714)-259-0125 or communicate with us online at