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Power Management

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Power Electronics Design Services

Pentad Design excels at power management. We have many successful designs incorporating innovative solutions to power management challenges. End users increasingly prefer portable and hand held products, and they demand ever longer battery runtime, without a size or weight penalty. We can create these optimized solutions for you through the combined creative talents of our engineering team and produce a product that will greatly reduce your product’s energy consumption.

Digital Power Systems

Digital power control offers higher performance, improved reliability, and greater flexibility when compared with conventional analog solutions. Digital control is most cost-effective when you realize that all the combined needs of all your system’s power requirements cannot be met with an analog solution. Digital control simplifies the sequencing and margining of multiple outputs, and allows the set points and limits of the product to be set at the manufacturing assembly or test phase or in real-time. At higher power levels, digital control enables phase interleaving with real-time phase shedding, mode shifting, and frequency shifting, plus dynamic changes in the compensator (control loop) to deal with variable load conditions. Digital control enables transient response not attainable with analog control, plus transient load response coordination from an upstream source such as a PFC, or a discharging battery. Digital control offers higher performance in offline power supplies, DC/DC, solar energy, fuel cell, UPS, and bidirectional DC/DC applications.

Pentad Design has been involved in the intelligent application of digital power for over ten years. We have experience in diverse applications. We combine team members with many years in power engineering and embedded systems design to transform your power system vision into reality.