Don’t see your specific market listed on our website? Pentad Design can still help you meet your goals. We have extensive experience in a variety of areas and products that may not be listed here sometimes in deference to our clients request for anonymity. Our customers find that our cutting edge development practices help them to meet their deadlines quickly and efficiently and most importantly cost effectively, which is why we’ve become their go to source for repeat business.

Pentad Design can help your company develop your product in any or every phase of design. We can perform a turnkey design, or we can be brought in to consult on specific design phases. From initial design concepts, architecture design, development, compliance testing, to production preparation we can help you turn your product into a success.

Smart Sensors
Smart Sensors - Automotive
Esio Beverage Dispenser
Consumer Products
Sybron Edo Elements
Diagnostic Products
DTI Curiosity Plane Crash
Smart Sensors - Aerospace
Crane AeroSpace iMotion Control
Aircraft Passenger Cabin Systems


Please contact us at the following number: (714)-259-0125 or use this link to communicate with us online. info@pentaddesign.com