Digital Motor Control

Jet Galley - Trash Conpactor

Case Study: Jet Galley - Trash Conpactor

Digital Motor Control

Pentad Design has been working with digital motor drive applications for over 30 years. Our development engineers are up-to-date on the latest hardware, software and embedded technologies as well as compliance, safety, quality and regulatory requirements in order to ensure the most time efficient and cost effective development strategy for your product. High performance motor drive applications require fast, reliable and robust control systems and electronics. Our Field Oriented Control, (FOC) software framework enables us to efficiently control motor current for maximum torque. Transformations and coordinate rotations, (forward Clarke and Park), run the current control loops on the direct and quadrature currents, (d and q), applying the inverse park transform and then finally using space vector PWM, (SVPWM), to control the inverter voltages to the motor phases.

PI compensators are most commonly used for motor control although higher performance compensators can be constructed depending upon design requirements. With new motor current control techniques, we can build a compensator that has the frequency response of a low pass filter without any annoying peak resonant conditions to deal with.

With our FOC framework, field weakening is possible when extra speed is required for the application by controlling the negative (d) vector current.

FOC provides basic torque control of the motor. When more speed control is required we can add an additional compensator.

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