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Experienced Engineers. Innovative Design. Optimized Solutions.

Pentad Design is an engineering consulting firm with an emphasis on embedded systems, firmware development, electro-mechanical integration and test equipment.

We provide expert engineering services that can take you from concept to finished product with development services for medical devices, commercial (including transportation and aircraft), industrial and consumer products.

Pentad Design utilizes state of the art engineering technology that will help you develop your new product and can assist you with your existing product design engineering requirements as well.

We can also supplement your in-house engineering design projects to help your team achieve your Project goals. See our Services for complete information regarding our expertise, capabilities and experience.

Many customers come to us to resolve a challenging technical problem, to explore new technologies or to meet a tight schedule, and stay with us for continuing and new product development. Our client’s many patents speak to our ability to successfully resolve these design issues with creative and innovative solutions.

Pentad Design wants to be your key partner for all of your engineering design requirements. We will provide you with state-of-the-art product designs that will result in a superior value, cost effective, reliable product.